Coating Plant
The process of applying the Geomet and Dacro coating requires the substrate to be clean bare steel.
Sufficient cleanliness and coating weight is required for proper levels of adhesion and performance.
1) Pre-Treatment line : requires a perfect surface cleaning
    In order to remove manufacturing oils or other contaminants, an alkaline wash by immersion or spray is used. 
2) Coating line : 
    Bulk parts are loaded into a basket, immersed into the Geomet and Dacro coating, raised up and spun to
    remove the excess Geomet and Dacro from the parts. Following coating, the parts are transferred onto a mesh
    conveyor and proceed into a pre heating and main oven for curing.
3) Curing line : Pre heating oven & Main oven
    Pre heating oven is an essential element in the curing process to achieve proper adhesion and appearance. 
    And main oven are transferred from pre cure into the main cure to provide the final cure for the geomet and
    dacro coating.